Luca Ingianni

Luca Ingianni

Luca Ingianni is a freelance DevOps consultant based in Munich, Germany.

He has a master’s degree in aeronautical engineering, but has worked in an IT context for his entire career.

For several years he worked for a fairly traditional rent-an-engineer style consultancy, which enabled him to observe many different teams. Interestingly, this led him towards DevOps (even though he didn’t know the term at the time) – just because he perceived the necessity for collaboration and automation.

He’s discovered that while he’s a decent enough engineer, he seems to have a knack for explaining. So now instead of building stuff himself, he helps engineers and engineering organizations to improve the way they work together and build better products, more enjoyably.

His work now mostly revolves around designing and delivering trainings and workshops, as well as advising and coaching teams or individuals, for clients from small businesses to fortune 50 companies. Apart from that, he tries to publicize in the form of articles in blogs or magazines, writing books, appearing on podcasts or delivering talks at conferences and meetups.

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