Viktor Farcic

Viktor Farcic

Viktor Farcic is a member of the Google Developer Experts and Docker Captains groups, and published author.

His big passions are DevOps, Containers, Kubernetes, Microservices, Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment (CI/CD) and Test-Driven Development (TDD).

He often speaks at community gatherings and conferences (latest can be found here).

He has published The DevOps Toolkit Series, DevOps Paradox and Test-Driven Java Development.

His random thoughts and tutorials can be found in his blog

Episodes Hosted By Viktor Farcic

DOP 268: What Is Kubernetes Used For? DOP 267: To Fork or Not To Fork DOP 266: The Evolution of Data Structure Languages GitHub and JFrog Announce Partnership DOP 265: The Impact of Kubernetes and GitOps on the Tech Landscape How To Install and Use Devbox on macOS DOP 264: Navigating the Changing Landscape of Open Source DOP 263: Navigating the Complex Path to Becoming a DevOps Architect Kubernetes is turning 10! DOP 262: Rethinking Project Success The Iterative Way Spotify for Backstage DOP 261: Visionary Views on Internal Developer Platforms and Portals with Port IBM To Buy HashiCorp DOP 260: Artificial Intelligence Will NOT Replace You. Devs Using AI Will. What’s New in Kubernetes 1.30 DOP 259: Reimagining The Terminal Experience with Wave Terminal A New Open Source Foundation Emerges DOP 258: Reflections on Startup Infrastructure Choices DOP 257: Scaling at Adobe: Kubernetes, Global Networking, and Platform Innovation Redis Adopts Dual Source-Available Licensing DOP 256: KubeCon EU 2024 Review DOP 255: What Is Developer Observability? DOP 254: What Is Infrastructure As Code in DevOps? GUAC Joins OpenSSF DOP 253: Deconstructing The Platform Engineering Maturity Model The XY Problem DOP 252: How To Upgrade Kubernetes Crossplane Graduation Proposal DOP 251: Demystifying Modern Message Brokers with So You Think You Know Git DOP 250: From Godfather of DevOps to Godfather of AI DOP 249: How To Choose Between Open Source and Commercial Software A Week of Leaky Vessels DOP 248: How To Use ChatGPT for DevOps Amazon EKS now supports Kubernetes version 1.29 DOP 247: Navigating the Nuances of Developer Relations Hands On With Ollama DOP 246: How To Become a DevOps Architect in 2024 DOP 245: Building Your Best Team Ever Cisco Acquires Isovalent DOP 244: What Every DevOps Should Learn in 2024 DOP 243: Looking Back on Our 2023 Predictions DOP 242: Take a Break. That’s the Message. Docker Acquires AtomicJar, Maker of Testcontainers DOP 241: From Restaurant Server to KubeCon Keynote in Under 4 Years DOP 240: Supercharging Developer Workflows with Simplified Platform Engineering The Frugal Architect DOP 239: What's in Your From Line? A Conversation With Chainguard Do Hackers Eat Turkey? DOP 238: Unlocking the Potential of Modern Architectures Using Service Mesh The Next Generation of the Command Line DOP 237: KubeCon North America 2023 Review DOP 236: Efficient Cloud Cost Optimizations with Profisea Labs DOP 235: Diving Into Platform Engineering Trends With Humanitec No More Open Source Companies in Silicon Valley? DOP 234: Better Bare Metal Infrastructure Management With RackN Cilium Graduates at the CNCF DOP 233: Upskill Your Knowledge Using Wilco DOP 232: Real-Time Application Security Using Arnica DOP 231: Automating API Development With Hasura DOP 230: Simplifying End-to-End Encryption With Smallstep DOP 229: The Evolution of Installing Applications into Kubernetes DOP 228: The Customer Is the True North Star How Safe Are GitHub Actions? DOP 227: Layoff-Proofing Your Career Why We Are Not Supporting OpenTF DOP 226: When Cloud Services Let Us Down OpenTF Announces Fork of Terraform DOP 225: The Rise of Kubernetes: From Google to Global Phenomenon The Emergence of OpenTF DOP 224: Are Developer Bootcamps Worth It? HashiCorp Adopts Business Source License DOP 223: Vendors and Communities Working Together in Open Source Breaking Free of Scrum Ceremonies DOP 222: Finding Performance Bottlenecks With Ddosify How Can We Trust GitHub Copilot? DOP 221: Treat Security Like a Bug With Seemplicity KubeVirt v1.0 has landed! DOP 220: What Are the Top Challenges for Implementing DevOps? DOP 219: What Is NoSQL? DOP 218: Continuous Testing With BlazeMeter DOP 217: Learning eBPF With Liz Rice DOP 216: Simplify Microservice Development With Signadot Stack Overflow 2023 Developer Survey DOP 215: Reviewing Thoughtworks Technology Radar Volume 28 Happy Birthday to Amazon EKS DOP 214: Taking SQL to the Next Level With Materialize Cloud Dependencies Are Not the Problem. You Are. DOP 213: Unlocking the Secrets to a Successful Product Launch Amazon EKS Now Supports 1.27 DOP 212: Build and Release SaaS Pricing Changes Faster With Stigg DOP 211: Learning To Code in the Age of AI DOP 210: Mastering Database Scalability with PlanetScale FOCUSing on FinOps DOP 209: Move From Multicloud to Polycloud With Macrometa AKS Long Term Support: Good or Bad? DOP 208: KubeCon EU 2023 Review DOP 207: What Did It Take To Bring SQreamDB to SaaS? Kubernetes 1.27 has arrived! DOP 206: Open Source Supply Chain Security With Pyrsia Autopilot Is Now GKE’s Default Mode of Operation DOP 205: Thoughts on Digital Twins and Custom Silicon Should AI Be Your Pair Programming Partner? DOP 204: Transform Data From Managed to Actionable With Rivery DOP 203: Dealing With Flaky Tests and Broken Builds With Aviator DOP 202: Go From Docker Compose to Kubernetes Using Shipyard Using Tekton To Get to SLSA Level 2 DOP 201: Getting to the Root Cause With Zebrium Millions Wasted on Kubernetes Resources DOP 200: From Digital Twins to Management – A Conversation With Patrick Debois Amazon EKS Now Supports Kubernetes Version 1.25 DOP 199: Test Your Distributed Applications Using Helios DOP 198: Securing Your Runtime With Spyderbat Chainguard Image Now Available for Kubectl DOP 197: Is Your Job Stuck 20 Years in the Past? How Kubernetes Is Being Used at Chick-fil-A DOP 196: Simplifying Performance Optimization Using Granulate DOP 195: Why Do Companies Not Replace Legacy Systems? DOP 194: How To Write Test Cases for Microservices Kubescape Accepted Into the CNCF DOP 193: Automatic AI-Powered Database Tuning Using OtterTune Kured Donated to the CNCF DOP 192: What Every DevOps Should Learn in 2023 DOP 191: Looking Back on Our 2022 Predictions Single Node Clusters on Amazon EKS Anywhere DOP 190: Have You Started Your Shopping Yet? Track Leaked Secrets in Public GitHub Repositories DOP 189: Code Anywhere on Any Device With Gitpod Argo and Flux Have Graduated DOP 188: Foster a Culture of Resilience With Steadybit DOP 187: Simplify Testing With Testcontainers Finch Enters the Container Tooling War DOP 186: Easily Get Your Code to the Cloud With Amnic Kubernetes the Much Harder Way DOP 185: What Is Cost Optimization in AWS? The Rise of the Cloud IDEs DOP 184: How To Reduce Cloud Costs Using Tenacity DOP 183: Viktor’s Review of KubeCon 2022 Detroit DOP 182: Why You Should Start a Side Project Twas the Week Before KubeCon DOP 181: Monitoring Kubernetes With Kubevious Getting Ready for KubeCon NA 2022 DOP 180: What is AIOps? 2022 Accelerate State of DevOps Report DOP 179: What Are Service Level Objectives? DOP 178: Kubernetes Observability Using eBPF Vagrant Moving From Ruby To Go DOP 177: How To Modernize Legacy Applications Viktor Stuck in an Airport DOP 176: Critical Skills That Every Engineer Should Master Hacktoberfest Is Coming DOP 175: Applying DevOps Principles to Low-Code and No-Code Applications DOP 174: Security Concerns in Low-Code and No-Code Applications Heroku Eliminates Free Tier DOP 173: Drag and Drop Deployments for Kubernetes With Harpoon External Secrets Operator Accepted Into the CNCF Sandbox DOP 172: Dynamically Manage Cloud Costs With Zesty You Probably Code Less Than an Hour a Day DOP 171: How Many Hours Do You Code per Day? GitLab and Dormant Projects DOP 170: Running Containers at the Edge GitHub Projects Is GA DOP 169: How To Reduce Cloud Development Complexity Kyverno Moves From Sandbox to Incubating DOP 168: Should You Use Docker Desktop in 2022? DOP 167: How To Secure Kubernetes GitOps Success Checklist DOP 166: Are in Person Events Dead? What Is Cloud Repatriation? DOP 165: Looking Back at KubeCon EU 2022 Copilot vs CodeWhisperer DOP 164: How To Monitor and Debug Microservices Grafana OnCall Is Now Open Source DOP 163: What Is Kubecost? Introducing Gitsign DOP 162: Performance Testing With k6 Chainguard announces Series A DOP 161: Why Incidents Are Slowing Down Companies Broadcom to Acquire VMware DOP 160: I’m New to CI/CD. Where Do I Start? DOP 159: When to Use Kubernetes Taking a Second Look at Docker Desktop DOP 158: Powering Zero Trust With OpenZiti Kubernetes 1.24 Ships! DOP 157: How to Create a Startup Istio Heads to the CNCF DOP 156: Validate Your API Specifications With Cherrybomb Kubevirt Becomes a CNCF Incubating Project DOP 155: The Difference Between Projects and Products Puppet Joins Forces With Perforce DOP 154: Reducing Developer Friction The 23 Million Dollar Terminal DOP 153: Eliminate Cloud Chaos With Firefly Create CI/CD Pipelines With Dagger DOP 152: An Internal Developer Platform Story GCP Price Increases DOP 151: What Is OpenTelemetry? Backstage Reaches 1.0 And Joins the CNCF Incubator DOP 150: Diagrams As Code Thoughts on Internal Developer Platforms DOP 149: What Is FinOps? DOP 148: Is Kubernetes Ready to Run Databases? Prebuild Comes to Codespaces DOP 147: Should You Use a Recruiter When Looking for a Job? Creating Diagrams with Mermaid DOP 146: Context Means Everything in Security High-Availability Control Plane Arrives on LKE DOP 145: What Does a DevOps Engineer Do? Announcing OSM v1.0.0 DOP 144: Is Open Source Sustainable? A Documentary About Kubernetes Has Been Released DOP 143: How to Get Started With CI/CD The Problem With Open Source DOP 142: Do We Need Coding for DevOps? DOP 141: Five Reasons to Leave Your Job How Did We Not Know About Task? DOP 140: What Every DevOps Should Learn in 2022 Tools, Tools, and More Tools DOP 139: Is Markdown Good for Documentation? DOP 138: Great Expectations The Giants of Open Source DOP 137: Shifting Infrastructure Management Left From HCL to HCP DOP 136: Teaching Kubernetes to a New Team Member What Happened at AWS re:Invent This Week? DOP 135: Migrate Everything to Kubernetes Getting Ready for AWS re:Invent DOP 134: The True Cost of Open Source GitOps Finally Has an Official Definition DOP 133: APIs Are Everything Move Over Rook. Here Comes Longhorn. DOP 132: How to Manage a Remote Team Hashicorp Files for IPO DOP 131: The Cloud Skills Shortage Is Worse Than You Think Everything New From GitHub Universe 2021 DOP 130: Signs of High Work in Progress Introducing Pulumi Registry DOP 129: How to Develop Microservices DigitalOcean and Linode Update Their Kubernetes Offerings DOP 128: Securing Your Environments With a Universal Secrets Manager Introducing VMware Tanzu Community Edition DOP 127: Software Development vs Software Delivery VS Code in the Browser for Everyone DOP 126: What Is Bare Metal in Cloud Computing? Let’s Encrypt Root Certificate Expires Sep 30 DOP 125: What Is the Low Code Movement? Do You Really Have Technical Debt? DOP 124: Fake Data Rules the World EKS Anywhere or minikube? DOP 123: Simplifying Microservice Development Docker Wants Their Five Dollars DOP 122: What Are the Costs of a Digital Transformation? Are You Managing Your Cloud Budget or Is It Managing You? DOP 121: Infrastructure As Code Meets Day Two How Often Does Your Company Patch Their Systems? DOP 120: Stop Using the D Word Cloud-based Development for Everyone DOP 119: Developer Advocacy or Engineering? Do You Trust the NSA to Help You Harden Your Kubernetes Cluster? DOP 118: We Need More Silos, Not Less What’s New in Kubernetes 1.22 DOP 117: Understanding Why Gates Exist in Business DOP 116: Why You Should Choose Boring Technology API removals for Kubernetes v1.22 DOP 115: How Far Are You From No Touch Production? AWS Infinidash Is the Next Big Tech Breakthrough DOP 114: Solving Multitenancy Problems In Kubernetes Is GitHub Copilot Going to Put Developers Out of a Job? DOP 113: Are Specifications Still Relevant? DOP 112: Essential Infrastructure as Code DOP 111: What Are Software Supply Chain Attacks? DOP 110: The Problems With Microservices DOP 109: How to Test Microservices DOP 108: Why Do We Want to Use Microservices? DOP 107: Getting Into the Flow With Value Streams Use a Container Registry for Binary Distribution? DOP 106: The Difference Between SRE and DevOps Dependabot Preview Is Now Dependabot DOP 105: Does History Repeat Itself? Mirantis Confirms the Future of Dockershim DOP 104: Technical Debt Is a Business Decision AWS Announces the OpenSearch Project DOP 103: Knative in Action Kubernetes 1.21 Has Landed DOP 102: Getting Started With Open Policy Agent What's New in Kubernetes 1.21 DOP 101: What to Do When Technology Fails DOP 100: Course Correcting DevOps Will You Subscribe to K9sAlpha? DOP 99: Do DevOps Engineers Need to Know How to Code? Have You Tested Your Disaster Recovery Plan? DOP 98: Kubernetes Troubleshooting Simplified With Komodor Okta Acquires Auth0 DOP 97: Processing Event Streams With Apache Kafka Google Announces GKE Autopilot DOP 96: The Kubernetes API Is Becoming Omnipresent AWS EKS Now Supports 1.19 and OIDC DOP 95: Should Everything Be Automated? Everything Should Be Event Based DOP 94: Are Videos or Text Better for Learning? Docker Distribution Donated to the CNCF DOP 93: Creating a Healthy Working Environment Jumps Into the Elastic Fray DOP 92: Frontend vs Backend Development in 2021 The AWS and Elastic Saga Continues DOP 91: It's Past Time to Abandon Docker Compose Grafana Cloud Announces a Forever Free Plan DOP 90: Event Driven Continuous Delivery With Keptn The Rise of Sealed Secrets and PostItOps DOP 89: 2021 - the Year of the Irrelevant A Less Painful Way to Manage AWS ECS DOP 88: DevOps in 2020 - Year in Review DOP 87: God Bless Us Everyone Christmas Presents from AWS and GCP DOP 86: Your Internal Developer Platform Sucks The Lifetime of Kubernetes DOP 85: The Hidden Costs of DevOps Docker Goneski: The Pain Is Real DOP 84: Mattermost Saves a 30 Year Old D&D Campaign The Internet Breaks Whenever AWS Goes Down DOP 83: Using Spring to Develop Cloud Native Applications KubeCon North America 2020 Review DOP 82: Where You Live Shouldn't Define Your Pay The Four Different Phases of Kubernetes DOP 81: Making Email Provider Integration Simple With Nylas AWS Takes on Docker Hub DOP 80: What Should I Outsource to a Managed Solution? Dockerpocalypse Is Upon Us DOP 79: Are You Doing CI, CD or None of the Above? Swipe Left for Security! DOP 78: A Day in the Life of a SRE HashiCorp announces Boundary and Waypoint DOP 77: NOC as a Service with Xiteit Third-party scan tools come to GitHub DOP 76: How to be a Cloud Engineer with Pulumi The Dark Side of Hacktoberfest DOP 75: What is Code? Azure Kubernetes Service lands on-prem DOP 74: Using GitOps in Your DevOps Workflow Snowflake and JFrog Go Public DOP 73: Logging with Loki Codespaces is dead. Long live Codespaces! DOP 72: Mastering Kubernetes with Gigi Sayfan Do we need another container registry? DOP 71: Observability in the Cloud with CloudWize Kubernetes 1.19 has arrived DOP 70: High Availability Does Not Mean 100% Availability What's new in Kubernetes 1.19? DOP 69: Is Containers as a Service Serverless? Docker's new container image retention policy announced DOP 68: Is Docker Back? Microsoft enters the service mesh business...sort of DOP 67: Orchestrating Chaos on Kubernetes using LitmusChaos Manage your Kubernetes costs with Kubecost DOP 66: AWS Lambda vs. Google Cloud Functions vs. Azure Functions for 2020 The reason why AWS Copilot is special GCP Podcast - Serverless Made Easy with Nimbella Should you move your VMware workload to Google Cloud? DOP 64: Do We Really Want To Use Serverless? Happy Hour / AMA for 10Jul2020 DOP 63: Serverless 101 DOP 62: Kubernetes Is Dead, Long Live Serverless DOP 61: How To Use PowerfulSeal To Create Chaos In Your Kubernetes Clusters DOP 60: Jenkins X: Why Good Is Better Than Best DOP 59: Why It Is Silly Not To Use Kubernetes If You’re Moving To The Cloud Today DOP 58: Innovation And The Sunk Cost Fallacy DOP 57: Join An Open Source Foundation And Get Free Stickers! DOP 56: What Happens When You Just Don't Have The Time To Learn? DOP 55: How To Setup And Operate Multiple Kubernetes Clusters At A Global Scale DOP 54: Achieving Continuous Verification Using Chaos Engineering DOP 53: Should You Maintain Your Systems Or Let Them Rot On The Vine? DOP 52: A Step By Step Guide To Trashing Other Vendor's Products DOP 51: Is Shifting Left All It Is Cracked Up To Be? DOP 50: DevOps In The Time Of Mandated Remote Work DOP 49: How Are You Adapting To Remote Work? BONUS: What Are The Challenges To Doing Continuous Delivery In Kubernetes? DOP 48: Regulations Aren't An Excuse For Not Doing The Right Thing BONUS: Continue Building Your Kubernetes Skills Using Remote Learning During The COVID-19 Crisis DOP 47: Technology Isn't the Problem. You Are The Problem. DOP 46: Making Containers Great Again - A Conversation With Phil Estes DOP 45: (Almost) No One Cares Enough About Kubernetes To Learn It DOP 44: Is It Possible To Make On Premise Great Again? DOP 43: There Is No Such Thing As Continuous Testing DOP 42: Is Your CTO Always Going To Be Your CTO? DOP 41: Input Questions And UIs Are Evil DOP 40: Continuous Reliability: How To Avoid The Biggest Mistakes Developers Make DOP 39: One API To Rule Them All DOP 38: How Important Are You To Your Company? DOP 37: 50 Shades of Canary Deployments DOP 36: 4 predictions for DevOps in 2020 DOP 35: Looking Back at 2019 DOP 34: To All The Dockers I've Loved Before DOP 33: What Happens When There Are Tektonic Shifts In Technology DOP 32: Which Managed Kubernetes Service Sucks The Least - The Prelude DOP 31: Do Shared Services Teams Break The DevOps Rules? BONUS: Viktor's KubeCon 2019 Review DOP 30: Site Reliability Engineering Traps To Avoid DOP 29: Elasticsearch: Is It A Database Or A Datastore? DOP 28: Is Service Mesh Your New Best Friend? DOP 27: What Would Burt Gummer Do? DOP 26: The Architect Role In Your Company Is Completely Useless DOP 25: Tips for Conference Attendees Who Want Learn a New Skill DOP 24: Deployment Strategy Myths Enterprises Actually Believe DOP 23: Do Feature Flags Even Matter? DOP 22: The Reasons That Motivate Us To Work, Learn, And Write DOP 21: Time Management Secrets Every Software Engineer Needs Now DOP 20: Configuration Management Mistakes Enterprises Make...And How To Avoid Them DOP 19: Are You A Hacker Or Developer? DOP 18: How To Avoid Issue Tracking Mistakes Teams Make DOP 17: The Learning Styles Of The Rich and Famous DOP 16: Don't Let Someone Automate You Out Of Your Job DOP 15: Silos Are For Farmers, Not Enterprises DOP 14: Creating Happy Customers Through GitOps DOP 13: What Tricks Does Viktor Have Up His Sleeve? DOP 12: Why Understanding English Is Important For Developers DOP 11: Is Serverless The New Wild West? DOP 10: Why Open Source is important to your business DOP 9: What Is The Maturity Level Of Your Continuous Deployment? DOP 8: How To Escape The Continuous Delivery Rat Race DOP 7: Continuous Integration Tips for Engineers Who Want Sleep Through The Night DOP 6: Five Career Tips Every Successful DevOps Professional Needs To Know DOP 5: Do We Still Need Configuration Management? DOP 4: Current Trends In DevOps DOP 3: How Jenkins X Simplifies Kubernetes DOP 2: Why Is Everyone So Crazy About Kubernetes? DOP 1: What Is DevOps? DOP 0: Welcome